GRIN – The Emoji Diary


Have you ever dreamed of keep­ing a diary but been too busy to do so? GRIN makes it fun and easy: just mark an emoticon!

This paper­back offers you 365 pages with ready-made emo­jis to cap­ture your mem­o­ries. GRIN is not made for any spe­cific year:You can start and use it when­ever you want!

GRIN is the per­fect diary for all addicted to Emojis!



Fea­tures: Soft­cover, 372 pages
Lan­guages: Eng­lish | Deutsch
ISBN-10: 1511733756
ISBN-13: 978–1511733755
Price: $9,80 / €9,80 / £7,49
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